Prince of romance gets pop makeover


To his Bollywood fans, Armaan Malik is known as the prince of romance.

But with more than two billion global streams, 17 million followers on social media, and a musical résumé that could rival the likes of Justin Bieber or Ariana Grande, the 25-year-old singer-songwriter might just as easily be called India’s prince of pop.

“My dad always used to play music around the house,” he explains. “I lived in a music madhouse! If we weren’t banging on the dining table trying to make a beat, we were walking around with a recorder, recording tunes.”

Deciding early on that he didn’t want to follow family tradition by becoming a composer, Malik opted instead to pursue a career as a singer-songwriter.

“I don’t think I was cut out to do composing,” he admits. “That’s not my thing. I became the first singer in the family instead.”

He wants fans to see his versatility – and the full scope of his musicality.

“I’ve always yearned to be an artist who puts out his own music, where the artist himself is contributing to the lyrics, to the sound and to the production,” he says.

“So with my English pop music and the music that’s going to follow in 2021, that’s my main aim. I want my music to be an extension of me and I want the fans to see that side of me.”