Soldier, four fighters killed in Afghan border attack in Pakistan


The Pakistani military said two soldiers were also injured during the raid in Pakistan’s North Waziristan. The military said two soldiers were also injured during the raid on Sunday in the Spinwam area of North Waziristan, in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province.

North Waziristan served as a headquarters for local and foreign rebels until 2017, when the army said it had cleared the mountainous region of fighters following several operations. The region still sees sporadic attacks, mainly targeting security forces.

Such incidents have raised fears the Pakistani Taliban is regrouping.

Earlier this month, Pakistani and Indian troops exchanged fire across the frontier, leaving 12 people dead, including three Indian and one Pakistani soldier, and wounding at least 36 on both sides. The fatalities were some of the highest reported in recent years.

Both countries claim the disputed mountainous territory of Kashmir in full but administer separate portions of it. They have fought two of their three wars over the region since gaining independence from the British in 1947. In 1948, the UN Security Council passed a resolution mandating that both sides cease hostilities to pave the way for a plebiscite where Kashmiris would be given the right to choose between joining either Pakistan or India.